Glasgow is a good focal point to find on a map. If driving, the M8 motorway goes right through Glasgow. If flying, there is Glasgow Airport and a car can be hired from there. If, like Joan Webster, you are going by train Glasgow's glass-roofed Buchanan Street but is now called Queen Street Station. There is a direct line to Oban railway station where it terminates at the ferry port. Check with Scot Rail but this is a typical train time table >>>> Train Time table Caledonian MacBrayne Ferry
It is probably a good idea to visit Corryvreckanfirst as its on the way. There are a operators running boats trips out from Crinan to Corryvreckan. Try to pick a mid spring tide in the winter. Alas my trip was not eventfull and a wave of almost 6" with the tide at full flood frightened no one. Crinan Scotland Cruises | Gemini Cruises and Water Taxi 7 minutes over Corryvreckan - 17Mb file
From Crinan it is roughly an hour drive up to Oban and the (Caly-Mac) ferry to the Isle of Mull. Book well in advance and get there early as I have been left on the quay for being 30 minutes late for the check-in. We were even lucky to get on the next one.
It takes roughly 46 minutes to cross over to mull, which is just enough time for a surprisingly good full Scottish Breakfast on board the ferry. On the right (starboard) side there is a Green Island...and further on a small Lighthouse. We only just made this ferry!!!
On the port side (left) do not miss the chance to see Duart Castle as the prominent headland feature. Duart Castle is most impressive and has been used in other films since IKWIG: Alistair MacLean’s “When Eight Bells Toll” and more recently “Entrapment” with Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Duart Castle is the home to the Clan Maclean.




On Mull Fuel is at least 20p per litre (1.12/$ 1.68 per gallon) more expensive than mainland Scotland/UK. If you can find your way into Tesco’s in Oban Petrol is about 1.19 per litre (5.36 or $8.03 per gallon) on Mull it will be 1.40 per litre (6.30 or $9.45 a gallon).

Just because you see a petrol station, don’t presume it will ever open. Or if it does open, that it will actually have any fuel! I pulled into the main Spar shop/petrol station at Craignure and asked for petrol; the attendant said he did not have any petrol until tomorrow... but I could have some diesel........thanks!

If you are staying on Mull (and I recommend you do) take at least one fuel can. Also distances are deceiving; the slow twisting roads will drastically reduce mpg.

This was two years ago !!!  
The ferry will land you at Craignure. If you are staying at the Western Isles Hotel turn right and drive the 22 mile to Tobermory.
Torosay Castle is only 1 mile passed Craignure on your left. There are three options to getting to : Torosay is very interesting for a number of reasons best discovered your selves. There is a very pleasant Tea Room and gardens plus a fine view of the next destination: Torosay Castle Torosay website
A very pleasant mile and half walk from the gatehouse at Craignure through “Fennella’s Woods on the Torosay Estate.    
Drive 1.3 miles south on A849 and turn left into the Torosay Estate  
A narrow gauge railway from Craignure known to UK parents of young children as the Ballamory Express  
Duart Castle is nearly 2 miles from the main A849. Going south take the first turning left and follow the signposts. There is a lot to see at Duart so allow plenty of time. No photography allowed inside the castle. www.duartcastle.com

Leave Duart and turn left on the main A849 and drive 4.5 miles south. There will be a sign to the left for Lochbuie which is a further 8 mile drive over very twisty bumpy roads past stunning scenery. At the shore line there will be a tall pyrimid like Cairn.  
Turn left and drive a few hundred yards pasted the front of a chapel and there will be a sign on you right "park cars here on grass". Stop and park here as there is noparking further on. Walk over a little stone bridge and right through a five bar gate . You will soon see the majestic sight of Moy castle.
From Lochbuie is it a rigorous 5 mile coastal walk or a 25 mile drive to Carsaig pier which will take you past the famous telephone box.
Carsaig House (Erraig House) is private and not open to the public. The present owners have no interest in IKWIG.
Tenuous link this one as it is not in IKWIG but Wendy Hiller stayed at the Argyll Arms in Bunessan (pronounced quickly as BUNN-IS-ON) while filming at Carsaig. Michael Powell being heavily involved with Pamela Brown staying at Carsaig House (Erraig) at the time. We stayed here for a few days in summer 2009. very pleasant and friendly staff. Argyle Arms - Bunnessan Argyle Arms - web site

Don’t try and do all the above in one day - have some fun and spread it out over a week or two.

Updated 12th July 2010